Hydro blasting machine for ship cleaning


Cleaning Ships' Hulls and Preparing for Corrosion Protection
Removing biofouling, caused by algae, mussels and other organisms, from hulls in a targeted and gentle process with high pressure.
Algae, mussels, worms and other sea organisms settle on a ship's hull over time. This so-called biofouling has two main effects. As a result of the adherence of the sea organisms, the ship's hull becomes rough, which increases the hull's resistance and hence increases the energy required for a given speed. Furthermore, the danger of corrosion on the hull increases due to the environment generated by the biofilm on the ship's hull.
The removal of the organisms with nozzle technology, driven with high-pressure pumps, is an efficient method of cleaning a ship's hull. Watex high-pressure systems have been established for this area of application over many years: With manual gun systems, and up to 2800 bar pressure, the hull's fouling can be removed completely by high-pressure water jets. High-pressure guns and rotating nozzles

as accessories to Watex high-pressure plunger pumps, offer both a high level of controllability of the gun and the ability to efficiently clean large areas. In this way, a surface cleanliness is achieved according to the international standards WJ-3 and WJ-4.

As well as cleaning, paint-removal is also required to enable the subsequent application of a new corrosion protection. This is best carried out with the Ship Hull Crawler with working pressures up to 2,500 bar. In this way, cleanliness levels of the surface according to WJ-1 and WJ-2 can be achieved with the Watex high-pressure system.
Ship renovation is vital as ships need to be cleaned for re-painting and also for inspections. This is a vast operation due to their sheer size, and care must be taken not to damage the structure of the ship.
Using high pressure water jetting and specific nozzle settings, we can remove old paint, rust and corrosion from ships with ease – leaving behind a clean surface for inspection or further application.

For over 40 years, Watex has helped keep commercial vessels, docks, decks and equipment free of the damage caused by constant exposure to salt water, oil, algae and debris. Watex pressure washers eliminate the need for scrubbing by hand, saving you time, labour, money and downtime and have surprising environmental benefits as well.

Many memories of family fishing trips or boat trips end with a long and tedious session of scrubbing and wiping down the boat hull and deck. No more! Pressure washing is a fast and easy way to clean the hull and deck of a boat, and even carpets and other surfaces. However, to wash these different surfaces, you need a pressure washer that is adjustable and capable of delivering cleaning power without damage. 

No matter what type of marine cleaning you face, wharf-side or on deck, Watex has a pressure washer suited for your needs. A pressure washer offers a mobile cleaning solution around ports or yacht clubs. 

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