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Paint Removal using a high pressure water to clean the paint  ,it can be proved  to be highly effective and lucrative, cost-effective and a time-and-money saver.

It is applicable and appropriate for a variety of tasks and projects in and around your house, business, property and structures and  will save you time and money, particularly on large projects and remodeling of scale. Whether you are doing deck, wall or other painted surface, paint removal, priming and cleaning will never be easier.

With this specialty equipment at your disposal,  can let you do more than you could by hand. Now, paint removal is reliable, affordable and within your easy reach. We source and supply solutions and answers to any paint removal challenge.

There are many reasons that can be put forward to argue and advocate for the use of Watex for paint removal. 

       Rotating or rotary nozzles just enables you to do so much more.
       Ordinary pressure turns into powerful scrubbing power utilizing a propelling jet stream of rotating water to blast through even layers of paint!
 •      Chores of this nature become a breeze as pressure washer and/or sand-blasting equipment enable cleaning processes and projects that involve large, flat surfaces with relative ease and powerful effectiveness.
 •      High-speed rotation makes it possible to let you make progress with the job quickly and clear/clear a wide area in a relative short period of time.
       Increased efficiency and cleaning at your fingertips and within easy reach

 •      To remove paint from surfaces nothing beats the speed and thoroughness of a pressure washer . 

Paint removal can be an arduous task by hand, especially if you need to remove paint from large surfaces such as industrial buildings, graffiti from bridges and large walls, or other surfaces.    

 Here are a few things you should know before you begin.

 •      Paint removal with a heat gun, scraping or by hand is immensely time-consuming, and chemical removers are pungent,   with some projects even requiring some additional application or more work to get to a point where you are ready to prime and paint.
 •      Pick the right pressure washer for the nature and scope of your project.
 •      Protect yourself and the surrounding areas that you are not working on from damage or injury.   You would not want flying particles to go everywhere it should not.   Windows and glass surfaces should also be protected and covered.  There is a variety of materials you can use for this purpose including tarps, plastic sheeting, oil paper, and water resistant tape.
 •      Prepare and ready your equipment. Adjust and test the pressure washerdo a dry run to ensure efficient, smooth and functional operation.
 •      In addition, test the water speed, angle and distance set a piece of metal or object similar to what you will remove the paint from and stand at a reasonable distance from it.   Adjust the water speed  according to the removal, and then sample different angles and distances until you get the desired result for your project.


High-pressure water jets make short work of E-coat, primers, high solids, enamels and clearcoats. Watex manual and automated accessories clean faster and more thoroughly than traditional methods, and are much more ergonomic.


 •      Significant labor savings
 •      Low operating costs
 •      Environmentally friendly
       Easy to use and maintain
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