Why portable waterjet ?

Watex portable water jet cutting machine not like traditional construction with two arms on the cutting table ; The cutting head can stick to the steel with strong magnet or fixed with Chain . Both solutions are very stable and guarantee precision . However ,portable waterjet are more flexible , because the cutting head can adapt to some special place and the high pressure more smaller than hydraulic pump and can move anyplace you want . 

Economical and efficient high pressure pumps

Economical, efficient, reliable and easy to service pumps with power from 34 to 100 horsepower and maximum pressure from 3000 to 6200 bar enable economical processing of any details up to 30 cm in thickness.

The pumps are adapted to work 24 hours a day, so you can increase your production capacity and earn more at any time. 

Speed of valuation

Our high pressure flow rate water jet cutter allows you to make quick estimates of planned production. This means that you can cut the material in a quick speed with a safe pressure ,it is very popular in fuel tank and chemical tank cutting .Then you save a lot of time or you will be able to make faster pricing than your competitors.

If the material of the material is steel ,we will use the high strong magnet move system to stick to the surface of the material, it is widely used for fuel tank and chemical tank cutting .

If the material is not steel ,we will use chain as the cutting rail to meet some special requirement

Versatile cutting head

All Watex portable waterjet has different cutting head to meet clients requirement. Thanks to this, your waterjet cutting machine can cut material virtually without problems . Besides you can move the cutting head any place you want then fix the position ,then start the pump ,it is easy to operate with low maintenance. 

The heart of the machine are its components, and in this field we have something to be proud of. High precision Honda gasoline engineer , SIEMENS electrical motor, servo drives, as well as electrical components come from top manufacturers.
This is a guarantee of high precision of cut parts and reliability of the machine for many years.

Cutting sample

Water jet cutting machine is widely used for cutting metal stone glass and some high precision industry which laser and plasma can not instead like composite material ,carbon fiber ,foam...

Application industry

Watex equipment meets the parts processing requirements of most industries, At present, water jet cutting machine have been widely used in real estate ,mechanical hardware, new energy lithium, packaging, solar, LED, automotive and other industries.

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About company

Watex is unswervingly based on technological innovation and committed to the high pressure water technology with our strive .

----Jerry Ling ,CEO

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