Why water blaster?

Water blaster is a method by which a high pressure stream of water from 600bar to 2800bar used to remove old paint, rust, rubber, chemicals, or other heavy build up without causing damage to the surface below it. This method is perfect for internal and external surfaces because the spray gun operator is able to access those "hard to reach" areas .Besides, due to its strong water spray, the user can keep a safe distance from the surface being cleaned. One of the major differences between water blasting and other cleaning abrasives is the ability to contain, capture, filter and reuse the water. This eliminates waste water and contaminants after the cleaning. Extremely high pressure systems 2800bar are used for concrete cutting.

Schneider leakage protection ensure the continuous running of the machine and the safety of the operator and make the machine according to CE standard as well .If you let the machine working in the place can not get the power ,we can use diesel or gasoline engineer to instead .

22kw main motor with IS09001 quality and safety standard main and meets CE standard, level of protection meet IP 55 standard guarantee high efficiency running with no dust , no smoke ,no pollution , ,no big noise and the most important the cost of running is lower .

Torsion accessory can improve the working environment and increase the working efficiency and extend the lifetime of the high pressure tube .

Solid seismic tyre no fear of pierce and extend the service life ,features for wearproof and good heart dispersion .

The operator can change the direction of the machine  360 degree can let the machine working according to their practical environment .

Mini water jet cleaner machine

S60 pump is made in Italy in a small size and low weight make them suitable for use in high-pressure units system .With its operating pressures of up to 600 bar, flow rate 23L/min , it is outstandingly suited for many different cleaning tasks, e.g. in the chemical industry, oil and gas industries, as well as for marine applications.

Application industry

At present ,Watex high pressure water jet cleaner machine are widely used for cleaning the ship ,get out of rust ,sewer cleaning , concrete cleaning ,road sign cleaning and other outdoors cleaning.

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Watex is unswervingly based on technological innovation and committed to the high pressure water technology with our strive .

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