High pressure water for swer drain cleaning


What Is High Pressure Sewer Jetting

High pressure sewer jetting is method of cleaning sewer & drain lines using high pressure water. An engine or other power source powers a high pressure water pump that produces water under pressure. All high pressure jetting units are rated as to Pressure (PSI) and Water Flow (GPM); both a direct result of the available engine's horsepower. 
Water from the high pressure pump is delivered to a hose reel containing high pressure jetting hose matched for the pressure and flow of the system. When a nozzle is attached to the end of the jetting hose, pressure is created within the system. Nozzles are sized to match the design out of the engine & water pump plus factoring pressure loss due the diameter and length of the high pressure jetting hose. Every nozzle is designed to direct high pressure streams of water to pull the high pressure jetting hose through a pipe. Angles of the water stream can be varied; water streams directed more toward the pipe wall surfaces produce better cleaning results while diminishing the pulling power of the nozzle. Water streams directed towards the centerline of the pipe provide maximum pulling power but decreases pipe wall cleaning effectiveness.

Clearing Clogged Sewer Lines
To clear a clogged sewer line, a nozzle with a forward jet is used. Forward jet only use a small proportion of the total GPM to bore through a blockage with a minimal loss of propulsion. The forward jet is design to bore into the blockage to allow the rear jets with more flow to remove the bulk or remainder of the blockage. Note that a forward jet may have reduced flow per orifice compared to the rear nozzle orifices; the pressure is always the same at all orifices. 

The high pressure water jetting process is the almost universal process, used in about 90 % of all sewer cleaning processes for removing deposits within the scope of regular maintenance as well as for cleaning as a preparatory measure for sewer inspection or rehabilitation.

It can usually not be used when hardened deposits are present or for removal of flow obstacles, e.g. internally projecting laterals, artificial obstacles or roots or for achieving a very high degree of cleanliness on the inner pipe surface. In these cases additional use must be made of mechanical cleaning methods or apparatus  which can partly also be driven by the high pressure water jetting vehicles.

Sequence of work in the high-pressure water jetting process

In the HP water jetting process, flushing water is pumped from a water tank by means of a high pressure pump through a hose with a cleaning nozzle at the end. The cleaning nozzle is equipped with holes into which are nozzle inserts, which beam the fast flowing water jets and direct them at the pipe walling. This causes a reaction force at the nozzle, which, in the first phase, force them and the hose in the sewer section, to move against the direction of the flow from the starting manhole to the target manhole. After arrival of the nozzle at the target manhole, it is slowly pulled back in the second phase in the direction of flow. The jets of water leaving the nozzle increase the velocity of flow, loosen the deposits, whirl them up and convey them as a suspension towards the target manhole where they are usually vacuumed up by a hose.

Jetting sewer lines is a guaranteed and effective method of dislodging accumulated waste, clumps of debris, and tree roots from drain pipes and sewer lines. The process eliminates the need to dig up landscaping to expose pipes that are clogging your plumbing system. Power jet drain cleaning is the best way to clear pipelines and clean the interior wall of pipes. Only properly trained and experienced plumbers should be hired to perform high pressure drain jetting for homes and businesses.
Sewer jet cleaning is performed using a large tankard of water equipped with pressurization mechanics, along with a special high-pressure hose and nozzle that concentrates the water jet stream producing a strong and forceful water stream. The result is a precise spray of water that dislodges and moves clogged debris and grease out of drains. As blockages are loosened, the dislodged debris will flow from sewer lines in a fast and environmentally-friendly manner.

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