Hydro blasting for heat exchanger


The heat exchangers and heat pumps that are important in many chemical, oil, food or environmental technology plants are subject to strict quality requirements. Well-cleaned heat exchangers are unavoidable for economic and qualitative reasons.

Watex offers solutions for manual, semi or fully automatic cleaning of heat exchangers using high pressure technology: Tube bundle cleaning systems, rotary nozzle systems or simple manual lance retaining devices. Operating pressures up to 3,000 bar ensure efficient cleaning.

High Pressure Cleaning of Heat Exchangers
Almost all types of heat exchangers are easy to clean with high-pressure water. Whether in pipe bundle heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers or spiral heat exchangers, the removal of deposits such as lime, bitumen and other process media by high pressure is thorough and at the same time gentle on materials.

A cleaned heat exchanger increases process efficiency and ensures high energy savings. The high-pressure cleaning can be used for both internal and external cleaning. Even complex-shaped pipes or heat exchangers in the explosion-proof  area can be easily cleaned with the appropriate cleaning system. Watex develops and produces special systems for the automated cleaning of spiral heat exchangers.

A special advantage of the high pressure water cleaning method: Unlike mechanical cleaning, water does not damage the heat exchanger. Cleaning tools include rigid and flexible lances, as well as nozzles, pump units, foot valves, and retaining devices.

The cleaning of heat exchangers is possible when installed, for example, with manually guided lances. Alternatively, pipe bundles can be cleaned centrally at a washing position. For the large variety of heat exchangers, Watex offers a wide range of accessories.

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