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Watex's car pressure washer / vehicle cleaning high pressure cleaner is designed & manufactured with advanced engineering techniques with standard metallurgy. These car pressure washers enjoy a fine reputation for quality & reliability as well as minimum maintenance & service. These portable car wash pressure pumps find extensive use in two/four wheeler service stations and also in numerous allied & pressure cleaning requirement of vehicles in service stations, industries, commercial and mining industries.

There are different car washing equipments ranging from 1 hp to 40 hp and pressure ranging from 20 to 200 bar. All required accessories like high pressure hose, trigger operated gun, downstream  valve, and pressure relief valve etc., Variable angle nozzle are part of pressure cleaning systems. Detergent pressure washer also can be supplied on request.


Weather factors such as heat, cold, salt air, sun exposure and acid rain can ruin the look and paint on your vehicle. We suggest not to stop washing your vehicle when the summer season ends. Even though it is easier to clean your car or truck in the southern states do not neglect car pressure washing just because the season changed. As a matter a fact, during the wintertime if you drive on snowy roads you should clean your vehicle every week. The salt can cause enormous amounts of damage to your car's chassis and engine. With pressure washers, you can spray off the dirt and salt that accumulates at the surface and the bottom of your car in a quick and precise manner.


For personal car wash purposes we suggest a pressure washers electric models . Some other pressure washing jobs that you can perform with this portable washer include power cleaning driveways and sidewalks, patios, lawn equipment, fences and boats. Nevertheless, if you have more than two such jobs you will definitely appreciate a larger unit with higher GPM rate. You cannot expect to finish a large surface power wash in a short period of time. For that matter we suggest a industrial pressure washers . If you are interested in deck cleaning and strip paint jobs we recommend a unit with more power such as the Honda power washers. For car wash businesses we suggest a cart high duty power washer.

If this is the first time you are using a pressure washer, take a few minutes to practice.Try to get a feel for the trigger gun and learn the most efficient spray pattern. We suggest pointing the wand downwards unless it is really necessary to aim it upwards. For a greater control, use both hands when using the power washer.

Do not use a ladder in order to pressure wash high points since the recoil from the pressure can knock you off balance. Make sure you are not using dishwashing detergent or laundry soap which can dull the finish and strip off wax coating. Also, before you start pressure washing remove rings, watches and jewelry to prevent scratches and possible injury. 
All power washers come with the trigger gun that looks like a game squeeze gun. However when pressure washing car, do not play with it by pointing at someone. By doing so you can hurt somebody. One more thing! You should wear safety glasses to protect your eyes and some protective clothing that will keep you dry while washing car.

Now, connect your power washer to the outside valve with the regular hose, attach a nozzle and start the engine (turn on the equipment). Spray your car or truck thoroughly with water. Apply an adequate amount of detergent with a chemical injector.

Be sure you use power washer approved cleaning solution so that you don't damage the paint on your vehicle or harm your lawn while pressure washing car. 

The best results are achieved when you work on small sections at a time. Start spraying at the distance of 3-4 feet. If more pressure is needed bring the wand closer to the surface. Equally important is the angle at which you hold the wand. With our electric unit you need to use a 25-degree angle for washing cars and/or trucks, this way no damage can occur because of the sudden high pressure.

When spraying, try to use overlapping movements and clean the chasse starting from the bottom and work your way towards the top. Some spots may be more difficult to clean, in that case use more water and soap. Please, do not forget to do the bottom of your car.You can use an angle extension wand in order to clean underneath the body. Five to ten minutes after you’ve sprayed the solution on, you can rinse the surface with the clean water. When rinsing, make sure you start at the top and work your way down until the whole vehicle is detergent free. Do not try to rinse your hands or feet with the pressure washer. It can tear your skin right off.

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