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Watex offers heat exchanger, condenser, evaporator tube - pipe cleaning and ultra high pressure water jetting equipments for evaporator tube cleaning, condenser tube cleaning, heat exchanger tube cleaning & various pipe cleaning applications. Hypiont offers high pressure hydro jetting system ranging from 100 bar to 2800 bar pressure consisting high pressure reciprocating plunger pump. There are many advantages of using high pressure hydrojetting equipments over chemical cleaning, brush cleaning and several other conventional methods.

Pump flow rate up to 700 lpm and pressure up to 2800 bar is available. For requirement, please contact Watex.


Heat exchanger systems lose efficiency when deposits build up in, and on, tube bundles. High-pressure water jetting cleans both inside and outside very effectively, but manual methods clean a limited area at a time and expose operators to strain and risk.


Watex automates the process with systems that clean the inside (tube lancers) and outside (shellside cleaners). Our tube lancers clean 2, 3 or 5 tubes at once, reducing cleaning time by 75% to 90% while the operator stays clear of the action.


       Less downtime (quickly back in action, longer between cleanings)
       Extremely thorough cleaning, inside and out
  •      Systems matched to user needs (pressure, flow, tube length)

      Very operator-friendly

Water jetting is a highly effective, non-destructive method of cleaning heat exchangers and condenser tube bundles.

Watex’s  portable rotary, rigid and flexible UHP lancing systems enable us to remove blockages from previously uncleanable bundles. The system is capable of tackling vertical, horizontal, straight or U-bend bundles with tubes as small as 10mm in diameter.

Semi-automated lancing is safer, very efficient and faster than traditional methods, therefore offering considerable cost savings.
Cleaning can be undertaken in situ at a contractor’s premises, or tube bundles may be removed to be cleaned at Hypiont’s premises – either option is available on demand or as part of a regular maintenance schedule.

More advantages of water jetting for tube cleaning &Pipe cleaning 

  •      Suitable to clean tubes of all material without harm, from brass to titanium Inhibits corrosion and extends tube life by removing corrosive deposits from inside of the tubes and tube pits. 
  •      Cleans any length and diameter of straight or U-tube heat exchanger. 
       Extends maximum operating efficiency by removing fine layer of silt and organic debris, which is missed by mechanical cleaning .
       Removes any foreign scale deposit. 
      Custom designed cleaning nozzles, which offer full 360° inner diameter cleaning without streaking tube. 
  •      Multiple lance systems - up to 8 (or more) operators for fast cleaning of large main condensers. 
  •      Radiological waste minimization with the use of our positive shut off pressure control systems. 
Cost Effective - restored baseline performance; promptly recovers job expense (in exponential fashion). 
      Tube cleaning & pipe cleaning is the process for cleaning and maintaining fouled tubes. Chemical tube cleaning is required to remove deposits and obstructions, which are caused by the liquids, which run through the tubing. The chemical tube cleaning process can help prevent corrosion due to deposits, which can also create tube failure. 

Safety and environmental advantages 

Our systems are are safe for use in hazardous atmospheres. They are remote controlled and enable the operator to stand at a safe distance. This means the hazard of working in close proximity to high pressure components/water jets and contaminants is removed.Safe containment of waste by-products created by the cleaning process may sometimes be incorporated. This utilizes a vacuum recovery system.Tube cleaning with UHP water jet avoids the risks associated with using toxic/dangerous chemicals such as caustic acid. This method is especially beneficial for tube cleaning in the food industry.

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