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Waterjetting is becoming  a commonly used method of surface preparation .Surface Preparation is the process of removing contaminants. Surface Preparation may range from a wipe down to a total stripping of coating. The surfaces are usually metal or aluminum and include ship hulls, large storage tanks (internal and external), walk ways, helipads or any hard surface. Removable contaminants include paint, oil, scale, or rust. Contaminates are removed with water blasting before coating or painting a surface. Surface Preparation requires special preplanning and evaluation of potential hazards before work can begin.
We pride ourselves on our commitment to minimizing surface preparation costs while increasing labor and process efficiency.  Time and time again,Watex has applied these technologies and processes with great success.  We have cleaned and recoated hundreds of thousands of square feet in demanding environments and circumstances.Watex specializes in 10,000 to 40,000 psi Ultra High Pressure surface preparation also specializes in removing urethanes, epoxies, lead-base coatings and membranes from concrete and steel structures. 
In recent years with Watex high pressure water jetting leading the way, UHP Water Blasting has become the leading method for Surface Preparation. The benefit of UHP Water Blasting is its extremely ingenious way of being an effective and environmentally friendly way to prepare a surface for coating application with only pressurized water.


High-pressure water jetting is not only economical, but with so many environmental advantages it is swiftly becoming the preferred process for coating removal by many major industries. It can removing rust, scale and coatings with grit blasting requires containment and/or clean-up, and those costs can have a significant impact on profitability. For contractors doing environmental remediation – removing asbestos or lead paint, for example – the containment issue is even more critical.


Watex water jetting system with vacuum recovery needs no containment or clean-up. It works quickly and thoroughly – without harming the surface profile – and leaves a clean, dry surface that’s ready for recoating.

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