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Rubber is naturally produced from latex, which occurs in certain plants or is synthetically produced in factories from petrochemical raw materials. Both naturally produced latex and synthetic rubber is vulcanized with the addition of sulphur and a process of heating, which changes the chemical structure of the latex, making it stronger, harder and longer lasting.

The elasticity of rubber is its most well known characteristic, which causes it to return to it’s original shape after stretching or compressing. The primary application of rubber is the production of tires for the automobile industry, but other uses include wetsuits, hosepipes, waterproofing and adhesives. This sticky, fibrous material is well suited to waterjet cutting.

Definitive Solutions & Technologies has vast experience in waterjet cutting rubber. There are challenges involved in cutting rubber with conventional tools, such as knives and punching. With knives, you get stretching and movement of the rubber, while punching the rubber produces “barreling” on the sides of the material. Waterjet cutting does not impart any force to the material so no distortion takes place, eliminating the aforementioned problems.
We have cut everything from 1/32” thick rubber gaskets to 6” thick fabric reinforced rubber used for bridge seismic mounts.

Below, you will see how easily and efficiently we can cut rubber.

Originally, waterjet cutting was used primarily for cutting and slicing rubber materials. Waterjet cutting rubber materials requires no abrasive and uses a small, water-only stream typically 0.005″ in diameter, to provide even the finest detail in all your rubber product needs.  Rubber products have many common uses in almost all industries, as well as FDA-certified or compliant rubber gaskets for food manufacturing equipment.

Rubber-backed metals – No Problem! Using our abrasive waterjet cutting technology we are able to process all types of rubber laminates, including expanded-metal backed, solid-metal backed and fabric backed rubber sheets. Waterjet cutting offers one of the cleanest cut edge as compared to other cutting technologies without delaminating the substrate materials.

With our state-of-the-art waterjet cutting equipment, we can process rubber down to your exact specifications. With a quick turnaround time and perfect precision, you won’t find a better way to cut your rubber requirements.

Some of the common rubber material we stock for quick turnarounds.
Nitrile (Buna-N)
EPDM rubber
FDA certified rubber material
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) rubber or foam sheets
We regularly process the following rubber:

PVC Foam
SCE-42 Sponge
Viton Fluoroelastomer
Natural Gum
Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR)
Cloth-inserted rubber or fabric reinforced rubber (2ply and 4ply)
Conveyor belt materials

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