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Watex waterjet cutting helps increase productivity, reduce waste, improves the efficiency, and most of all the advantages of sanitation set this method above all others.When cutting food using water only there are no bacteria or cross contamination from foods like when using blades, knives, or any other tools. 

Food cutting applications include foods such as meat, poultry, fish, frozen foods, produce, cake, candy bars, and French fries.

The reason these applications are possible using waterjet cutting is because of the very high speeds of the waterjet and small waterjet stream  which allows very little moisture. Cutting foods is one of the earliest waterjet applications.

 •      Saving time using pure waterjet cutting for food.
 •      Eliminates the potential of salmonella bacteria by using pure water to cut .
 •      No need to clean or sharpen the cutting tools.
 •      Ideal sanitary and efficient process for cutting food.
 •      No heat or chemicals are used. 
 •      Waterjet cutting allows for higher yield of produce.
 •      Airborne contaminants and fumes are eliminated. Minimal waste creates a better quality  product.
 •      Cutting nozzles can be stationary enough allows food products fed through conveyor.
 •      Safe for the Environment; no airborne dust and cleaner for food products.
 •      Directional cutting + Minimal tolerances = Perfect Portion Control.
 •      Waterjet is not compression cutting method, which means longer and improved shelf life

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