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Water Jet Cutting is the best and easiest way to cut ceramic, granite tiles & slabs, limestone and marble. From shopping centers to domestic installations Cross Waterjet cutting can cover all applications. 

There really is no limit to the designs which can be created, designers are now starting to fully understand & exploit its potential.

Whether water jet cutting of architectural signage or cutting small sheet tiles in a complex pattern, waterjet unique technology is perfect for cutting ceramic tile and stone in both custom and production 3D cutting applications.

More detail on waterjet for stone and ceramic tile cutting

Waterjet cutting for stone and ceramic tiles , the most commonly cut materials are concrete, granite, marble, sandstone and tiles. Waterjet cutting is the ideal method for the production of inlays and company logos or the cutting of floor and wall covering elements. It opens up a whole new field for creative designs and solutions. As the cutting gap width is minimal, no material is wasted.  

The technology is also very suitable for the cutting of combined materials, for example  inlays in stone and metal or combinations of tiles and glass.As stone and tiles have a low ductility, we recommend producing the first hole with a reduced cutting pressure of 1000 bar. This minimized the risk of chipping and cracking. For sandstone, the amount of abrasive can be reduced, as the loosened stone particles serve as a natural abrasive.  

Comparing  to traditional cutting tools and CNC machines, it will be very easy to use Hypiont waterjets dramatically reduce process time for stone and tile fabricators.

Our waterjet can cut any stone or tile, without a change in tooling. It can drill or pierce its own starter hole. It can pierce holes in most materials without any special  limited.

The abrasive waterjet cutting  does not bring any heat or surface stress onto the stone or tile.  Therefore, the material retains original appearance and strength.


Comparing to saws or other cnc cutting machine, a Hypiont waterjet's thin cutting kerf allows tight nesting of countertop parts in slabs. Waterjet increases material utilization, reduces costs and boosts profits.
With a waterjet it's easy to cut both sink and faucet holes and complex corners on edges of  slabs. Combined with a router or hand polisher for bull-nosing and other edge finishing,  high speed production or intricate designs are possible through our Hypiont waterjet.
Whether you're cutting granite, marble, slate, limestone, soapstone, travertine, engineered  stone or any other material for floors and counters; porcelain or ceramic tile for inlays  or medallions; or glass and metal for artistic accents and signage, the abrasive waterjet's unique ability to cut very intricate designs at high speed without breakage frees your  imagination and expands your business and boosts more profit .

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