High pressure foam water jet cutting machine is a relatively new concept for a lot of companies, but Watex has been developing systems for water-only applications for years. Our trademark water-only foam cutting waterjet systems have been tested and proven to perform for many unique applications. 

While our water cutting machines are great for cutting foam, they are also ideal for cutting a wide variety of other materials. Because of the narrow kerf of the high-pressure waterjet stream, the intrinsic properties of the materials are not altered in any way during the cutting process. 

Main advantages of water-only cutting over dies, knives, and lasers include: Reduced Labor Costs, Automated Loading Options, Environmentally Friendly, Common Line Cutting, Material Stacking and unlimited set-ups. 
Waterjet Cutting is ideal for many foam, rubber, plastic, insulation and woven materials. With an extremely fine cutting stream (down to 0.004″ or 0.1mm) very tight nesting and therefore good material yields can be obtained.

Waterjet is great for stack cutting, with thickness up to 8″ commonly achieved.
Multiple cutting heads and conveyor feed systems along with high acceleration and cutting speeds of almost 1000″/min (400mm/sec) result in high production throughout. 

Water Jet Cutting Foams & Plastics
Computer numerically controlled (CNC) water jet cutting uses high-velocity water jets to cut, shape and carve materials. Water jet cutting provides precise cuts and tight radius corners with no particulate issues. Since the water jets are CNC, there is no need for tooling, thus faster production times are achieved.

UFP Technologies has multiple water jet cutting machines throughout our manufacturing facilities. We utilize our water jet cutting machines on a variety of applications ranging from foam and plastic tool control trays to foam inserts for protective cases.

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