Water jet as one of the most versatile and efficient cutting processes worldwide, it is a cold cutting process, which can cut parts to high tolerances with no heat and no dross. This makes waterjet ideal for cutting all metal products.
Many fabricators are proving waterjet to be an important part of their working. This is because waterjet is an extremely versatile process, which produces an excellent quality cut and can cut almost any thickness material.
Cut your whole spectrum of materials quickly & efficiently with one tool.

Why use Watex waterjet for cutting metal?

Cutting aluminium, stainless, copper, hardened steels, rubber, plastics, composites, ceramics, glass, insulation, foam, leather and armour plate. Waterjet offers operators flexibility no other process can offer.
Waterjet is an extremely accurate process - cut more product with a high tolerance from any material in less time.
Waterjet produces outstanding edge quality – no dross, no heat stain and little or no secondary finishing required – waterjet the ultimate process for aluminium and stainless steel fabricators.
Cut multi-layer materials and hardened steels in almost any thickness without distortion or heat affected zones.
Ability to “stack” materials and cut a number of layers in one pass.
By adding a Watex waterjet to your operation, many metal fabricators are finding that waterjet is an essential part of their day to day operations. 

Waterjet is extremely powerful, capable of cutting up to 6″ thick stainless steel. It’s very small diameter cutting stream (approximately 0.040″) allows it to produce tight corners, with very high tolerances. Water Jet Metal Cutting is a “Cold Cutting” process that produces no heat affected areas or burnt edges. These factors mean that there is little or no secondary operation required for most applications.

Exotic materials such as titanium and alloy steels are easily cut with no need to pre-drill holes.
Waterjet, during a metal cutting process, will pierce straight through stacked sheets, plastic coated materials, composite materials, ceramics, and just about any other materials known to man.
With low cutting forces, clamping is kept to a minimal
Set up times and change overs are extremely quick and simple.
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